Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 21st September 2017

Going on a road trip in your classic car is a great way to unwind, and there are many ways to absorb the culture of the country you’re travelling to. The open road offers a grand opportunity for food lovers to stop off and try local cuisine. Spain is famous for having mouth-watering dishes like patatas bravas and chorizo. There’s lots of places to check out, each with their own delicacy.

Pa Amb Tomaquet, Barcelona

No road trip to Spain would be complete without paying a visit to the metropolitan city of Barcelona. Catalan food is varied, but one of the more traditional dishes is called pa amb tomaquet. This meal consists of toasted bread garnished with garlic and olive oil. It’s finished off with a topping of fresh tomatoes and makes for a scrumptious starter or side dish.

Pinchos, Basque Country

Stopping off in Basque Country is a great way to make the most of the pincho snacks that are served in cities like Alava and Biscay. Pinchos contain different ingredients like meat and vegetables placed inside small slices of bread. They are fastened with a toothpick, which is where they get their name from as pincho means spike. The snacks can be enjoyed together in a tavern or bar.

Pulpo a la Feira, Galicia

Galicia is a region with beautiful beaches and a strong link to the sea. This is reflected in the food, as one of the most popular dishes is octopus, known as Pulpo a la Feira in Spanish. Sprinkled with paprika and olive oil, the octopus has a unique flavour that’s worth trying.

Fabada Asturiana, Asturias

Asturias is located in the north-west of Spain and is famous for a stew that consists of chorizo, white beans, morcilla and smoked paprika. The stew has a warm, filling sensation that is ideal at any time of day.

Carrillada de Cerdo, Seville

Seville is famous for having some of the tastiest food in Spain. One of the best dishes to try is Carrillada de Cerdo, which is stewed pork mixed with carrots, cloves and garlic. This tasty meal can be found in most tapas bars.

Paella, Valencia

Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain and has a range of interesting sites to check out, including the City of Arts and Sciences park and Llotja de la Seda gothic building. When you’re feeling hungry then the best food to try is traditional Paella. The dish originated in Valencia and  comes with rice mixed with various food, such as vegetables, chicken and sausage.

The beauty of a road trip is that it can turn into more than just a sight-seeing adventure. Trying new food is a good way to experience a different side to life. But before you go on a trip it’s important to make sure your car is protected. As classic car insurance brokers, we can help you find the right policy.