Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 15th January 2019

Classic car events are some of the best ways for car enthusiasts to meet. But unforeseen circumstances can jeopardize an event, which could have been the case for the Giffnock Vintage Car Spectacular. Held back on September 8th, the East Renfrewshire festival lost 49 vehicles when a car club withdrew in respect for their deceased chairman. It meant there could have a major gap in the car display if not for the good will of the local community.

After an urgent appeal, 63 classic car owners came forward to save the day. This meant that visitors were able to enjoy nearly 15 more marques than they would have originally. Event organiser Gian Celino commented on the incredible response. “We had an amazing response to our request for extra cars. I was getting three and four calls a day after it was publicised. What I’ve discovered during this process is that the owners of classic cars are a real friendly and helpful bunch. The weather wasn’t terrific, but the visitors had a great time, casting an eye over some cracking vehicles.”

Thanks to the efforts of the community, the Giffnock Vintage Car Spectacular featured more than 100 classic motors. The display ranged from a stunning 1960s Mini Cooper to a glorious pink Cadillac. The star attraction turned out to be a beautiful Buick that had once been owned by rockstar Buddy Holly. With a silver and blue paint job, the car definitely turned heads.

There was plenty of themed fun as well, including the appearance of Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Hector Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean. This involvement of the local community is an example of how classic cars bring people together. Everyone wanted to do their part to make sure the Giffnock Vintage Car Spectacular went off without any problems.

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