Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th September 2017

Porsche – one of the most sought after vehicles on the market. From awesome 911s to nimble Boxsters, Stuttgart’s finest have shown time and time again that they know exactly what it takes to make an unbelievable sports car. But with great prestige comes an even greater price tag, which unfortunately means that for many, the dream of owning a Porsche goes no further than just that – a dream.

Here at Cherished, we hate the thought of our devoted readers missing out. So with that in mind, providing you’re not chasing anything too ambitious (a brand new Carrera GT for under £10,000 might be a bit of a push), we believe we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in the world of classic Porsches.

Dust off your wallets and don those driving gloves. Things are about to get affordable.

The 924

Born in 1976, the Porsche 924 was originally designed with the company’s German rivals, Volkswagen, in mind. However, when VW bowed out of production, Porsche were quick to buy the rights and develop the 924 as their own – and the results, for Porsche at least, were pretty impressive.

Bearing all the usual traits associated with a Porsche – including an amazing build quality, sporty feel and modern aesthetic – but a price tag more akin to that of a mid-range Ford Capri, the 924 sold in droves.

With its 0-60mph time hovering around the ten second mark, the original 924 wasn’t the fastest machine Porsche sold. Far from it. However, given the car’s dashing good looks and practical, everyday nature, it didn’t really matter. Today, a non-Turbo 924 can be found for less than £5,000, though if you’re looking for a model with freakishly low miles and show-quality bodywork, you may have to fork out a little extra.

The 944

Taking the V8 from the 928 and moulding it into a slant four, Porsche’s 944 took all that was great and good in the existing 924 before taking it to a whole other level. Improvements were made on the car’s handling, styling and output which, all in all, made for one hell of a car.

In a similar fashion to its predecessor, Porsche brought out a turbo version of the 944 in 1985 which gave the car a spec sheet rivalling that of the 911. Kitted out with an aggressive body kit and an extra 60bhp under the hood, the 944 Turbo was capable of reaching 0-60mph in an impressive 5.9 seconds – a mere second slower than that of the 911 Turbo that arrived one year later!

Nowadays, a 944 can be picked up for anything between £6,000 and £10,000, which, in our opinion represents something of a bargain. Interested in going one further and bagging yourself a 944 Turbo? Again, these babies aren’t the most expensive car on the market, so providing you look hard enough, you should be able to find one for under £15,000!