Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th September 2017

As anyone who’s ever justified buying a classic car will have already told you, a well-groomed motor can be something of an investment. But with no definitive guide to how much a car can increase (or decrease) in value over the years, sometimes there’s more guesswork involved than you may realise.

However, if you’ve got a particular model, brand or machine that’s been passed down from generation to generation, you may just strike gold. In this article, we’ll take a look at those cars that have done just that!

In a list dominated by one badge in particular, here’s our rundown of the top five most expensive cars to ever sell at auction.

Ferrari TR (1957) – $16.4 million

As the very first Testa Rossa ever made, many believed this particular Ferrari had made its money when it sold at Gooding and Co’s auction in 2011. And yet, if you think the $16.4 million paid to drive this 1957 TR away is a lot of money, just wait until you read how much every other entry in this top five sold for!

Ferrari 275 GTB/4 NART (1967) – $27.5 million

Despite being only one of ten NARTs ever built, the automotive world was left stunned when this 1967 275GTB sold for $27.5 million in 2013. However, when the car’s longstanding owner announced that all the proceeds would be given to charity, it soon became apparent that this particular sale would benefit a great number of people as well as the lucky so-and-so who bought it!

Ferrari 290 MM (1956) – $28 million

Sold alongside Janis Joplin’s iconic Porsche 356c Cabriolet and Roy Rogers’ bizarre Pontiac Bonneville, the Ferrari 290 MM that sold in 2014 for $28 million held its own unique narrative. Designed and built for racing legend Juan Manuel Fangio in 1956, the car raced for eight years without crashing – an incredible feat when you consider the number of cars currently used in just one F1 season!

Mercedes W196 (1954) – $29.6 million

Despite being the only car in the top five boasting something other than Ferrari’s prancing horse on the bonnet, the Mercedes W196 that sold for $29.6 million in July 2013 does have something in common with the 290 MM which came in above. As the car Juan Manuel Fangio raced when claiming his second title, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking the Argentinian racing legend has something of a golden touch when it comes to adding a few extra digits onto a car’s price tag!

Ferrari 250 GTO (1962) – $38.1 million

Sold in California for $38.1 million back in August 2014, this spectacular 250 GTO currently holds the number one spot as the world’s most expensive car to ever sell at auction. As one of only 39 that were eventually made, today, owning a 250 GTO is something of a statement in itself. Think you’d like to have a go in one of these awesome machines? Try picking up the phone and giving Ralph Lauren or Nick Mason a call – just don’t be too disappointed if they don’t hand you the keys straight away!