The popularity of electric motorbikes is certainly surging, with plenty of riders willing to take advantage of the environmental and efficiency benefits of these machines. These plug-in two-wheelers can be ideal for urban commutes, especially as battery power continues to get better. Many electric bike enthusiasts will also need a bike insurance policy to match their future forward rides, and that’s where we at Carole Nash come in. Please call on 0333 005 3355 to discuss an electric bike insurance.


Why It Can Be Difficult To Get Motorbike Insurance For An Electric Bike?

For many UK riders, the idea of owning an electric motorbike hasn’t quite got into gear yet and for the majority them it’s an idealistic thought that’s a little too unrealistic at the moment.

The cost and environmental benefits of using an electric motorbike over a combustion engine model are obvious of course, but their current expense combined with their potential unreliability in terms of travel distance and charge times are stopping many from warming to them.

As a result, the number of insurers willing to cover these models is far fewer than the amount of insurers on the market for more traditional motorbikes.


Other Factors That Could Affect Your Electric Motorbike Insurance

There’s a few other factors that could potentially affect the cost of your electric motorbike insurance, or even make it more difficult to get insurance altogether, including:

  • Their Silent running can increase the risk to pedestrians and therefore the risk on insurance.
  • Damaging the expensive battery could make the motorbike too costly to repair, causing some insurers to only offer Third Party Only cover.
  • Their limited range and restriction to built-up and busy urban areas, make the motorbikes more at risk of theft and accidents, which will increase insurance costs.


Motorbike Insurance For An Electric Bike Made Easier

Despite the potential difficulties, getting electric motorbike insurance is still possible, especially if you choose to go with us at Carole Nash. We’ll help you find the insurance policy that’s right for your electric bike, by searching through our panel of UK leading motorcycle insurance underwriters.


No doubt as electric motorbikes continue to pick up speed and sell higher volumes throughout the UK, more insurers will begin to offer suitable cover. But for now, we’ll make it as simple as possible for you to get the motorbike insurance you need.