we offer travel insurance for bikers through Carole Nash.

Not many travel insurance policies are put together with motorbikes or their riders in mind – that’s why we offer travel insurance for bikers through Carole Nash.

As one of the UK’s leading motorcycle insurance specialists* we know that, for touring motorcyclists, the journey itself is as important as the destination. Travelling with your bike isn’t a typical holiday – the things you’ll need from your travel insurance are totally different.

Going abroad with your bike is as much about the ride as where you’re going, and you’ll need the right cover to keep you protected, no matter where you might end up or what might happen while you’re there. Alongside our policies for touring bikessports tourers and adventure sport bikes, we also offer specially designed biker-friendly motorcycle travel insurance policy through Carole Nash.

Carole Nash Benefits

Travel insurance for motorcyclists through Carole Nash has what you need to keep you covered as you travel.
We take care of the details,leaving you to concentrate on your trip. Our travel insurance policies come
with plenty of benefits as standard, including:

  • Motorbiking, helmet and leathers and pannier contents cover
  • Covers cancellation and curtailment
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Personal accident cover whilst motorcycling

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